May 2, 2020 Recital Video Playlist:

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Please download the Zoom App and contact Kate for more information about continuing lessons during the coronavirus shelter-in-place period.

Dear interested parent,

Thank you for your interest in Suzuki piano! A loving, nurturing and supportive environment is the foundation of the Suzuki method.

Just listen to what we can do together!

Kate Alm

The final event of the 2020 school year will be the All Studio Class on May 30th.

Book Recitals this Spring to be announced!

Summer Schedule in effect June-August
Next Immersion: October-mid December 2020

The Even Schedule for the 2020-2021 school year will be posted here on August 1st

It has taken me years to develop a method for introducing students to the Suzuki Method; it is very rewarding and well worth the investment of your time. This process educates both the parent and child thoroughly, so that when your child begins lessons, he experiences success, excellence, and joy from the very beginning. To get the best possible start in piano and ensure success for your child I require the following:

    1. Sign up to observe a private and group lesson; schedule a 30 minute consultation with me. Receive and read studio policy and observation etiquette handout. There is no cost for this.
      Enroll in my 10-week Fall or Spring Suzuki Piano Immersion and Introductory Class. Book and CD included. Cost: $250.

        After you and your child have completed the Suzuki Piano Immersion and Introductory Class, you will be eligible to enroll for lessons. Enrollment is a 45 minute session in which we discuss your and your child's experience so far, (child does not attend), I answer any questions you have, and we go over the studio policy and other handouts together. Cost: $40.

      To learn more about the dates for the immersion program, as well as to access a repository of all the documents referenced above, please click here.

  • During the school year, I schedule lessons at a regular time each week for individual instruction as well as for group lessons. I also conduct all-studio lessons on Fridays about 5 times a year. There are also 5-6 recitals a year.

    If your child is sick during the school year, please do not hesitate to cancel. This is in everyone’s best interest and the lesson can be rescheduled. Absense for other reasons is not refundable; however, you may trade times with any other student to make up for lost lessons. All of this information is included in my studio policy.

    Group duos are suspended for the summer - except if you expressly request a summer duo - so that I can work with the children individually on their reading, theory, rhythm and solfa skills. Therefore in place of group duo, you receive 10 extra minutes. Sometimes I use the extra time to just chat with your child about how his summer is going. It is a very nice break from the more formalized lessons during the school year! More information about about summer is in my summer fees and fact sheet.

    This is an abbreviated version of summer and school year policies. For a more complete description please go to the summer and school year pages.

    I offer many many opportunities for us to connect as a community of adults and children learning and appreciating music! For more information about these programs, which include reading club and student-to-student mentoring, please click here.